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What a Homeowner can expect during a Stramowski Furnace Tune-Up

Subtitle: My name is Kyle, I'm an 11-year, service technician. I'm actually the lead technician, service manager with Stramowski Heating. When we arrived for a furnace tune-up, a homeowner can expect us to greet them at the door, ask some questions, how the system has been working, if there's any concerns they may have that we can address. We will continue down to the basement, to the actual unit, and assess the overall condition. Visually just inspecting the equipment, removing the front panels, the air filter, making sure that we don't find anything that immediately is going to be a concern. If there is no concern, we continue with the process of cleaning the system, checking the burners, the ignition system, the heat exchanger, making sure that intake and exhaust is correct and going to be venting properly, checking circuit board safety, electrical, making sure that nothing is going to be a concern with a loose connection that may cause a failure. The circulation, blower motor, making sure that everything is in proper operation, blower speeds are correct, filtration system. Checking your air filter is something that a homeowner can also do themselves, but we will check while we're there. Making sure that the air filter is appropriately sized and that it is in good condition. We also continue to the thermostat, making sure that if there are batteries in that particular thermostat that those are checked, in good condition, and if need be, we can replace them at that time. Some homeowners are interested in how long the actual tune-up is going to take. And that all depends on the equipment and the condition. However, a good standard tune-up is going to take anywhere between about an hour to an hour and a half. There are some times where it may take us a little longer. We're going to be there maybe up to two hours at certain cases, depending on the condition and what we need to address with the unit itself. What a homeowner can expect prior to departure is a technician to go over the invoice, explaining the details, the overall condition of the equipment itself, what we cleaned, what we checked and tested, and if there's anything that we found during that time. We will also explain how old the equipment is, how the overall condition is, and what the life expectancy is on their equipment. So the homeowner isn't caught off-guard when something may occur, that may cause the system not to heat for them.

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