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How to know when you should change your Air Filter

Subtitle: Airflow is key to not only heating but also air conditioning. A lot of people don't realize that the air filter that sits next to their furnace also filters the air during air conditioning season. So sometimes that can be neglected. And people think that it's only for furnace season. When, in all actuality, that air filter is being used during the air conditioning season as well too. What a homeowner can check for signs, as far as a good air filter, would be just a visual inspection. Removing the air filter, holding it up to some source of light. Whether it's a light in the basement, possibly taking it outside if it's a darker basement. And just shining it up and visually looking at it. If you see a lot of dirt and debris, dust, large clumps of what people call dust bunnies, it may be time to change your air filter.

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