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FAQ - “No matter what I set my thermostat at, it isn't working properly, do I have a bad thermostat?”

Subtitle: A lot of homeowners that believe they have a bad thermostat or are experiencing issues with their thermostat, most of the time, is not the case of the thermostat being bad. A lot of people believe that if they're experiencing no air conditioning scenario, that if you turn your thermostat down to 50, it'll somehow make the system work better, you know, start-up. A lot of the times, we experience, is that the homeowner, their initial contact point is that thermostat. Not understanding that there's more to the system itself, not only generally down in their basement at their furnace, but also their outdoor unit as well, too. I would say a majority of the time, someone having or experiencing an issue with their thermostat per say, is not necessarily the thermostat itself, but most likely something with their unit, either indoors or the outdoor unit.

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