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What to expect during a Stramowski Service Call

Subtitle: My name is Kyle, I am a 11-year service technician with Stramowski Heating. I am a lead service tech, overseeing all of our service departments, technicians. Typically, what a homeowner can expect from a technician, is a phone call prior to arrival. Generally anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes prior. We greet the homeowner at the door. Generally, start by coming inside and asking the homeowner a few questions about how their systems been operating and how they feel it's been performing for them. Today we had a relatively newer system experiencing some buzzing in the outdoor unit. That buzzing was from a contactor, not making good contact. The contactor receives a signal from the thermostat that closes that contact engaging the main power to start the outdoor unit. This particular case the unit was operating, however, the contactor was faulty, I'm assuming from the manufacturer, causing a buzzing noise that the homeowner could hear over the unit. So, to address that issue, I shut the power down to the outdoor unit, remove that contactor, and replaced it with a new one. All of this work was done under warranty with no cost to the homeowner. One thing that I believe sets us apart from some of our competition is not only being professional but also building a relationship with the homeowner, not just coming in and doing a job and leaving, but making sure that the homeowner understands how their system is operating the best that they can and have a better understanding of what to expect from us if they experience an issue in the future and someone that they can call and trust that we're going to do the job and do it correct.

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