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What a Homeowner can expect during a Stramowski Boiler Tune-Up

Subtitle: My name is Kyle, I'm an 11-year, service technician. I'm actually the lead technician, service manager, with Stramowski Heating. What a homeowner can expect from a boiler tune-up is for us to arrive at the home, ask them how the system is operating, if there's any concerns that they may have. The technician will continue downstairs to the equipment itself, setting up an area around the unit, assessing the overall condition of the equipment itself. We will start by removing the burners and the ignition system from the lower portion of the unit, continuing up to the top, removing the exhaust, inspecting, making sure there's no obstruction and the system is going to exhaust properly. Removing the exhaust hood, assessing the heat exchanger, brushing that heat exchanger down, removing any potential debris that may be an insulator, reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of the boiler itself. Continuing with cleaning the burners, cleaning the ignition system, vacuuming out the lower combustion chamber, any of that debris will fall down where the burners actually sit. Cleaning that area as well too before we reassemble the unit. Putting the burners back in the ignition system. Checking gas pressure on the equipment, making sure that the system isn't overfired or underfired. Testing the actual equipment itself. Once put everything together, we will make sure that the operation is correct, circulation with that boiler is correct and everything is working in proper order. One way a homeowner can ensure that any potential issues or concerns they may have, to be addressed, is to ask them when we arrive. So we can address them accordingly, in the proper amount of time frame that we have. We can focus on what their concerns are, address them accordingly, and hopefully resolve them while we're there on that maintenance tune-up. Some homeowners are interested in how long the actual tune-up is going to take. And that all depends on the equipment and the condition. However, a good standard tune-up is going to take anywhere between about an hour to an hour and a half. There are some times where it may take us a little longer. We're going to be there, maybe, up to two hours at certain cases, depending on the condition and what we need to address with the unit itself. What a homeowner can expect prior to departure is the technician to go over the invoice, explaining the details, the overall condition of the equipment itself, what we cleaned, what we checked and tested, and if there's anything that we found during that time. We will also explain how old the equipment is, how the overall condition is, and what the life expectancy is on their equipment. So the homeowner isn't caught off-guard when something may occur, that may cause the system not to heat for them.

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