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FAQ - “What can I, as a homeowner, do to maintain an AC unit?”

Subtitle: One of the first things that a homeowner can do prior to starting the system for the season, or check throughout the season is air filter. I can't express enough issues due to lack of airflow. So, checking the air filter regularly, if you have a one-inch air filter, I would check that once a month, changing it no less than every three months. If you have a four-inch style air filter, I would check that at least four times a year, and changing it accordingly. The four-inch filter should last six to twelve months. But depending on the household may need to be changed sooner. Another thing, a homeowner can check and change are batteries in the thermostat. If you do have a thermostat that requires batteries, changing those once a year, definitely can prevent an issue with the system not operating. Another thing a homeowner can do to improve the efficiency is if they do notice in between having the maintenance done, that, the outdoor unit is getting dirty, whether it's a cottonwood tree that’s just bloomed, and that cottonwood is flying through the air and your air conditioner's picking that up, you can shut down the unit at the thermostat, turning it off and taking your hose and just generally rinsing the outdoor condenser coil. You'll notice when that cottonwood or that debris, grass clippings, things like that, get wet, they kind of just melt right off. Working your way from the top of the outdoor unit rinsing it down towards the lower part of the unit. And you'll actually see that coil being exposed which will improve air flow for the system.

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