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  • No Extra for Nights
  • No Extra for Weekends
  • No Extra for Holidays
  • No Hidden Charges
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Stramowski’s True24 program is the best service level offering in the city

True24 is available for any residential owner/occupied property

Rental units that qualify are those no greater than four family rentals

to extreme customer satisfaction
*no night & weekend upcharges - ever

We woke up to a 48° house on a Saturday. I called in and Brad came out and had my heating system working within an hour! My family and I was very happy! Thanks for the great service!

- Thomas G. - Oak Creek, WI

Disclaimer & Limitations

While we do our best to keep things simple we need to disclose any limitations. The following is a list of limitations and exclusions. This list is subject to change with or without notice.

  • 24 Hour Service - True 24 is a service pricing program designed around the customer. True 24 does not imply or guarantee that we will be able to perform actual services 24 hours per day. It only guarantees that we will not charge extra for repair services completed on nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Road Conditions – Blizzards, rain, high winds, etc… may cause a delay in or temporary suspension of repair service.
  • Technician Rest – For the safety of our technicians we limit our technicians' calls to allow them to rest. Because our technicians drive motor vehicles and work with gas and electrical equipment, reasonable rest periods are required during times of high call volume. In rare circumstances we may be unable to perform actual service during off hours. We will continue to take calls via live person and/or voicemail system and will respond to you as soon as possible.
  • Weather Conditions – Weather conditions such as blizzards and extreme high and low temperatures often cause an increase in call volume to our 24 hour line. In rare instances you may be rescheduled(bumped) into the following day. We will always do our best to get out to your home ASAP. In cases of heavy rain and thunderstorms you may be bumped as well since there are extreme hazards when working with high line voltage electricity under these conditions.
  • Visibility – In summer when there is low natural light near an outdoor unit technicians are not permitted to perform services. There are moving parts as well as high voltage wiring that the technicians need to be able to see in order to complete their jobs in a safe manner.
  • Communication System Malfunction - While we always take reasonable efforts to ensure that our communication system(s) such as phones, email, website, etc... are up and running there are occasions where one or more of these systems may go down or malfunction. If this happens there may be a delay in services.
  • Phones - Any time our office is closed and nobody is available in-office to take service calls, our inbound phone calls are transferred to the on-call technician.
  • Please be aware that when our office is closed our inbound phone calls may be transferred to either the on call technician or a 3rd party answering service to assist in dispatching your service call.
  • On average, a service call is handled immediately by a live person and a heating technician will follow up with you in no more than 30 minutes.
  • Commercial Service - True24 does not cover commercial property. Commercial property shall be treated as overtime when serviced outside of normal business hours.
  • Rental/Investment Property - True24 shall cover owner-occupied primary residences only. True24 will not apply to any rental or investment property.
  • Unsanitary Conditions - Technicians are permitted to leave any area/situation that may be unsafe. This extends to any residence that may be consider unsanitary. Examples include but are not limited to excessive pet urine or feces, hazardous hording conditions within a residence, or any condition where a technician feels unsafe.
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