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Hey Sneezy... Listen Up!

When it gets to a point that people are calling you Sneezy, it may be because something in the air is making you cough and sneeze all the time. Or, maybe your nose is just stuffed up and your eyes water incessantly. No matter what, take charge of the situation by regularly changing your furnace air filter. Dust, dander and other allergens are some of the things that make people miserable and often can be eliminated by simply changing their furnace filters. That's why the Saturday following Labor Day is designated as National Change Your Air Filter Day.

Saturday September 8, 2018 is National Change Your Air Filter Day! 

Once a year, take the required six minutes out of your life and change the air filter in your furnace. After removing it, run by the hardware store and get a new one, and you'll see what clean air is all about. If you don't have time or simply want to have it done for you, call Stramowski at 414-762-6457, or shoot us a message. We'll come out to tune-up your furnace and change your filter. We're happy to help!

It’s time for you to change your air filter, but we’re happy to help out. Just let us know. 414-762-6457

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