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FAQ - “My AC isn’t working, does it need more refrigerant?”

Subtitle: I feel that a lot of homeowners are misinformed as far as refrigerant, and when a system needs refrigerant. Initially, when the system's set up, the system should be charged and checked properly. After that, that charge should never have to be adjusted. Refrigerant systems are a hundred percent sealed. And if you have to add refrigerant, your system has a leak. That leak should be addressed and fixed to avoid adding refrigerant every year, which can add up and be costly. And a system that isn't running properly, the charge is correct, generally, it's due to lack of airflow, whether it's starting with the air filter, the blower motor, which circulates the air throughout your house, or the outdoor unit could also be plugged as well too, reducing that airflow, reducing efficiency, but refrigerant should only be added on the initial charge when it's installed. If refrigerant needs to be added at a later date, you most likely have a leak and then that should be addressed and fixed.

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