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Milwaukee Air Conditioning Replacement & Repair Services

Milwaukee Air Conditioning Replacement & Repair Services

Keeping your house cool during hot summer months can be the make or break difference between your house being comfortable and miserable.  Homeowners know how important this idea is. You want your home to be comfortable no matter what the time of year is. Air conditioning services and air conditioning systems are a primary home comfort in the humid depths of summer.

Stramowski Heating & Cooling services has been an HVAC system service provider for the homes of southeastern Wisconsin and the greater Milwaukee Area since 1977. For the last 40 plus years we have provided high quality service and workmanship for your cooling needs. We have extended our service area. Check out our map to see if you are in our service area.

We start with scheduling a no-risk in-home visitation to fully understand your air conditioner repair or air conditioner replacement needs. Don’t wait until it gets too warm and you need emergency service, get a new central air system from a trusted Milwaukee HVAC company.

If you are looking for heating system help, gas furnace repair or a new furnace head over to this page.

AC Repair & Replacement Near Me?

Stramowski Heating & Cooling provides AC Unit Replacement & Air Conditioning Repair Services within the Oak Creek & Milwaukee area. We provide these HVAC services across the Southeastern part of Wisconsin. Below is a list of some of our service areas. Click here to view our full service area map to see if you are eligible for service.


Oak Creek



New Berlin

South Milwaukee




West Allis


Whitefish Bay

What Type of Cooling System Do I Own?

Knowing the differences between central air units can help us get a better understanding of your HVAC needs and how we can fix your current AC issues. We can always help you determine what type of cooling system you may be using during your consultation to better understand whether you need repair or replacement services.

Standard Split System Air Conditioner

These are air conditioners that use a furnace to blow air through the existing heating & air ductwork in your home.

Standard Air Handler Air Conditioner

This is a system that uses round or square ducts in your ceiling to distribute cooling to your home. It's usually in homes with boiler heating.

Ducted/Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

These are air conditioners or heat pumps that require no ductwork. They're extremely quiet and very efficient.

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Service Call or Home Consultation in The Milwaukee Area

Since 1977 Stramowski Heating has been providing the Milwaukee area with quality and professional air conditioning installation and service.

Contact us to schedule a service call or a no-risk in-home consultation.

Cooling Terminology

Is your air conditioner leaking refrigerant/freon?

The refrigerant is expensive and it doesn't wear out! So, do what you need to do to keep your refrigerant in your air conditioner. Don't let it leak out of your system. Refrigerant leaks do not heal on their own.

If your air conditioner is leaking freon:

  • Adding “leak-stop” is like putting a band-aid on something that needs stitches.
  • If you have an air conditioner that uses the old R-22, you will save money by replacing it, especially if it is leaking.
  • Don’t let this leaking air conditioner continue to drain your wallet. If you are in the Milwaukee area, contact us today to get AC repair services to fix your leaking cooling system ASAP!


Request Wisconsin HVAC Services

If you are interested in receiving HVAC services and are located in any of the surrounding Oak Creek service areas, please fill out a service request form below:  

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