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Snowfall in Wisconsin is inevitable. That's why it’s important that you prepare your air conditioning unit now, before the snow starts to fly. You wouldn’t send a friend outside without a jacket, would you?

Failure to cover your air conditioner can bring problems next summer when you need it the most. We'll show you some ways your air conditioner can be affected and the necessary steps you can take to ensure your A/C unit is tucked away properly for the winter.

What can damage your A/C unit?

  1. Leaves and air born debris. These can reek havoc on your A/C unit. They clog-up the condenser coil and prevent it from functioning properly. Thoroughly clean the coils before you cover or put away your A/C unit for the season. You may need to do it again in the Spring.
  2. Snow. Snow can accumulate on top of your A/C unit and damage the fan blades and coils. Falling ice can do damage to the outside case.
  3. Water from other sources. Falling ice can do damage to the outside case of your unit, and over-flowing, clogged gutters can drip into your unit and later freeze ... damaging delicate coils and electronic parts.

Preparing for A/C unit for winter.

  • Thoroughly clean around the A/C unit. Remove leaves from coils and wipe down the unit with a lightly damp cloth.
  • Use a cover made of a breathable material. Don’t use a solid plastic cover like you would use on your outdoor gas grill. You want it to breath so that moisture doesn’t accumulate and cause your unit to rust.
  • Use a small piece of plywood to cover the top to of your A/C unit to prevent snow and ice from getting inside the unit. Use a few bricks to hold it in place.

Taking the time to protect your A/C unit from the elements can pay off with many years of maintenance-free service. Need help or advice, call Stramowski at 414-762-6457  to speak with one of their experts.

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