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How Do I Improve the Performance of My Furnace?
Upgrade Furnace


When you’re updating your furnace and considering a replacement, there are a few extras you may want to include. Adding these furnace enhancements is like hot-rodding a car to help it perform even better. Since these furnace add-ons are seamlessly integrated into the installation process, there’s no need to undergo the hassle of an additional install.

We’ve discussed the details of installing a new thermostat when you replace your furnace. Now it's time to explore furnace add-ons that will improve air quality and provide better temperature control from your new furnace.


4 furnace Add-ons to Consider During Your Installation

  • High-Quality Air Filters

The air in your home may seem fresh, but micro-particles like pollen, dust, mold, and pet dander circulate throughout your environment. These small particles affect air quality and impact the health of your household. Air filtration keeps your home’s air clean and easy on the lungs. If not properly filtered, micro-particles also affect the performance of your furnace.

Filters are part of every HVAC system, but not every air filter is created equal. Investing in high-quality air filters is a must, if you want to protect your air and increase the life of your furnace. Quality furnace filters are pleated, measure at least 1 to 2 inches thick, and have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 5-8. Air filters do not cost a lot of money but they do significantly improve your health and keep your furnace running efficiently.

  • Humidifiers

Humidifiers are an important component of better home health. Dry air irritates your skin, increases allergy symptoms, and exacerbates respiratory problems. Dry air also wreaks havoc on your furniture, drying the wood and causing cracks and damage. If you own a piano or other musical instrument, dry air will affect its performance.

Adding a humidifier to your HVAC system goes a long way toward improving the air quality in your home. Not only will this furnace add-on bolster your health and protect your furniture, but it will save you money in the long run. Proper humidity helps the air feel warmer, allowing you to lower your thermostat and still keep your environment comfortable.

  • Whole House Air Cleaners

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows it’s a constant battle. Pollen, dander, mold, and other pollutants cause relentless misery—runny noses, itchy eyes, rashes and more. Fortunately, Whole House Air Cleaners (WHCs) provide clear, clean air throughout your home; WHCs particularly offer relief for those combating allergies.

HVAC dealers will help walk you through the installation of these furnace add-ons. There are several WHC options to choose from, but two of the most popular types are:

      • UV light Germicidal Irradiation: best for reducing mold, germs and other airborne pollutants
      • Gas Phase Cleaners: best for eliminating organic compounds and vapors

Your Stramowski representative will review your needs and advise you on your best WHC furnace add-ons to address your home’s air quality issues.

  • Zoned Heating Systems

When you go to bed at night, do you ever debate the merits of heating the entire house while you sleep? Why pay to heat the basement to 68° when it’s empty for eight hours? Similarly, why heat up an already warm kitchen when you’re cooking? This is why utilizing a zoned heating system may be your best option.

What is a Zoned Heating System?

Adding zoned heating systems to your furnace system allows you to adjust the different areas of your home with different climate conditions. A simple zoning system is a great furnace add-on to help control the flow of hot air in certain rooms or “zones” of your home, keeping the rooms warm when they’re occupied and cooler when they’re empty. By using a zoning system, you will save money instead of needlessly heating space you don’t use.

Talk with the technicians at Stramowski to learn more about each of these great furnace add-ons. They will explain how each of these enhancements improve your home’s climate. We’ll help you determine which add-ons will keep your home healthy and your “hot rod furnace” running smoothly for years to come.


 Furnace Upgrades Not the Answer?

If these furnace upgrades aren’t quite what you had in mind, we also provide Furnace Repair Services that can strongly impact the performance of your furnace. It may not be time for something brand new, but a refresh with the professional technicians at Stramowski will help upgrade your furnace as well. Check out our Southeast Wisconsin HVAC Service Areas to determine whether or not you are eligible for these furnace upgrades.

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