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The Summer Heat vs. Your AC Unit: Who’s Winning?

We often hear of folks waiting until the last minute to check their AC unit and by then, they’re calling us while dripping in sweat… Let’s not let it come to that! There are things you can do to make sure your AC unit will function properly this summer.

Checklist for AC Season:

– Check/Change air filter; proper airflow is critical to proper Air Conditioning operation

– Check/ Change batteries in thermostat *if your thermostat has them

– Make sure your outdoor AC unit is clear of obstructions; overgrown bushes, plants, etc…

-Make sure ALL windows in the home are Closed. Open windows introduce heat & humidity 

– Check the circuit breaker to ensure that it has not been turned OFF or “tripped”; AC Circuit Breaker should be ON

TIP: Turn your thermostat Fan option from AUTO to ON (if you have that option) for better circulation during warm/hot outdoor periods.

If your AC is not operating properly and you notice any ICEING above the furnace or at your outdoor unit, turn your thermostat OFF and contact Stramowski Heating here. Or give us a call @ 414-762-6457.

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