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Technology helps lower HVAC repair costs

Working on TabletWhen it comes to heating and air conditioning in the home, advancements in technology are helping to lower operation costs and the service calls on furnace and air conditioning units. Not only is new equipment becoming more efficient, but the servicing of older, existing equipment has gone high tech too!

HVAC companies, like Stramowski, have outfitted their technicians with wireless tablets, assisting them in diagnosing problems and documenting any issues they do find. This can help shorten the time it takes to repair broken equipment. The technicians can download drawings and schematics for nearly any furnace and even order some parts – right from your basement or furnace room. This technology makes their service calls faster (no back and forth), so it helps lower costs and get your system back up to speed much faster.

Stramowski is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve to provide their customers with efficient and lower cost service. As technology improves, Stramowski will continue to adapt so we can be there to keep your home climate-comfortable, while saving you time and money.

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