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Signs of Choking AC Problem

It’s very common for your air conditioner air flow to feel weak. This can be the very first sign of AC choking issues. It’s amazing how much junk can collect around the base of an outdoor air conditioning unit. Grass clippings, leaves, flowers – you name it – all seem to be magnetically attracted to the bottom six inches of the air conditioning units. This happens because it is where the air intakes are and they suck-up the debris… choking-off the airflow. Your Stramowski technician can clean out the unit of dust and dirt on the inside during your yearly tune-up, but it's really important for the home owner to keep this other riff-raff away from your unit.

Blocked Air Conditioner

Is a clear airflow really that important?

Yes. Air conditioners remove the heat from the air in your house and transfer it outside. When this transfer is blocked by the debris around the unit, the transfer isn’t efficient and puts a strain on your entire cooling system. As a result, efficiencies go down, AC choking begins and costs go up. Good news is… it’s an EASY fix!

How do I fix AC Choking Problems?

Start by removing any type of blockage around the air conditioning unit. Remove bushes and plantings, or at least have them 18 inches away from the unit. Avoid stacking anything on the unit – like garden tools, hoses, whatever… The air conditioning unit will work best when it is debris-free and has a lot of space around it to breathe.

If you’ve kept your unit clean and free of debris and still continue to feel low air coming out of your vents and your AC unit “just isn't cooling like it used to”… give Stramowski a call and have one of our technicians inspect the inside of your unit where the transfer occurs. They’ll make sure it’s running right. Your job is to keep the outside clear of debris that could restrict proper airflow.

Fix your choking air conditioning unit by giving us a call today. Contact us to keep your AC unit at peak performance levels and prevent AC choking issues during days where you need AC the most.

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