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Stay cool as a cucumber this summer…

It’s easy to say that winter never leaves Wisconsin, but in reality there will be some hot days in store for us this summer. Though your air conditioning will keep your home cool, it can also run-up your electric bill during the warm months.

Here are a few ideas for maximizing the impact of your A/C while helping to lower the price tag of “chilling out.”
Cool As Cucumber

  1. Solar screens. A lot of heat comes into your home through your windows. This makes the A/C system work harder. Consider adding solar screens or solar mesh on your windows. It can block out nearly 70% of the sun’s rays before they get into the house and heat things up. Window mesh will help with the windows open or closed.
  2. Window films. These metabolized sheets of plastic reflect heat before it gets through the window glass. For window films to work properly, the windows must be closed.
  3. Adjust your thermostat. Lower your thermostat to keep you cool when you’re in the house, but raise the temp when you leave. Better yet, get a thermostat that does this automatically.
  4. Use fans to pull in cooler air. Moving air inside your home is helpful when the temps are high. Use fans on the second story of your home to blow hot air out of the windows while drawing cooler air into the house through first floor windows. Do this in the morning when the outside air is still cool from the overnight temperature drop and your home will be a lot more comfortable.
  5. Hang out in the basement. Yes, it’s cooler down there. All you may need is a couch to hang out on.
  6. Cook in the evening. Baking and stove top cooking will heat up your house… fast. If you must cook, plan ahead and do it in the evening when the temps are a bit cooler anyway.
  7. Replace Air Filters. Replace your air filters to ensure the air going through them is clean. This can dramatically affect the efficiency of your A/C unit. If your A/C unit is struggling to move air, costs will increase.
  8. Turn up fan speed. Turn up the fan speed on your thermostat so your A/C unit is moving more air, which will help keep things cool. Although, if it’s really humid outside, lower the fan speed so your A/C cools more effectively.
  9. Keep spray bottle on hand. Spray cool water on yourself or take a cool shower. The evaporation of the water from your body will cool you down. Then dry off as needed.

Above all else, make sure to have your A/C unit checked out by a reputable company like Stramowski. Professional technicians always know how to keep your comfort system in tip top shape.. which will help you stay “cool as a cucumber.”

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