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Smarter thermostats keep you more comfortable

More and more people are turning down their home thermostats during the work day in order to save on their energy bill. The problem is that they often come home to a cold house in the winter and a hot house in the summer and have to adjust the temperature and wait until the furnace warms or cools the place up before they feel comfortable.

Smart ThermostatThe latest solution to this problem is a programmable thermostat that is wi-fi connected to your smart phone. You may have heard about NEST which is one brand of these “smart thermostats.” But, not all smart thermostats are compatible with all furnace applications. In fact, many homeowners are lead into a false sense of security when they go the their local Home Depot and purchase one to “DIY”.

We don’t recommend homeowners ‘do it themselves’ when it comes to their heating and cooling systems. Smart thermostats require specific wiring. The thermostat providers often over-simplify the wiring on their diagrams and instructions to homeowners. This is where the problems begin. It’s best to call a professional. They have the skillset to know how to wire every thermostat and adapt its wiring to any application.

At Stramowski, we carry and support the Honeywell line of comfort control products. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a smart thermostat, we recommend Honeywell’s Lyric T-6 with GEO Fencing technology.

What is GEO Fencing and how does it work?

Gone are the days when you programmed your thermostat to specific time periods of your day. Programmable models allowed you to set leave times and return times for the thermostat but what happened when you got home early or late? Most likely, you were overriding the program or just waiting for everything to kick in. What happened on holidays when the office was closed and you never left home and it’s a weekday? Well, you’d likely have to, once again, override the programming.

The T-6 connects with your smart phone or tablet, anywhere, and based on where you are geographically, will anticipate your arrival time home and adjust the temperature up or down for you. No more freezing in the winter or sweating in the summer while waiting for your home’s temperature to get to the sweet spot. Now, based on your family’s phone’s locations services, your system can be set up to know when you’re heading home and when you leave so it can automatically adjust the temperature.

You’ll get the right temperature at the right times and you’ll no longer need to override any programming. Plus, for a limited time, Wisconsin Focus on Energy is offering rebates that range from $75 to $250 for the installation of a GEO Fencing thermostat in your home!

When it comes to making your home comfortable, technology is moving in the right direction. Want to learn more? See how they work? Contact Stramowski.

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