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Furnace Checkup by Stramowski Heating, Inc. in Oak Creek & Milwaukee, WI

If you think you may need a new furnace… plan ahead!

By cybrwzrd7 | November 17, 2016

There’s an old expression that “when it’s raining outside it’s not the best time to have your roof fixed”. The same thinking works for a new furnace. The dead of winter is not the best time to buy a new furnace because HVAC technicians are busy fixing homes that are out of heat. A little planning goes a long way when…

Mark ‘furnace or boiler tune-up’ off your winter checklist in October and save $20!

By cybrwzrd7 | October 5, 2016

Your winter checklist should start every October with a furnace or boiler tune-up. You’ll not only be better prepared for Old Man Winter, you’ll save money. Save $20 on your Furnace or Boiler Tune-up. – Ends Oct. 20th. October is the best month for furnace or boiler tune-ups because hot weather is ending and the cold…

Don't Freeze Your Buns

The Farmer’s Almanac says we’re going to freeze our buns off this winter!

By cybrwzrd7 | September 16, 2016

According to this year’s Farmer’s Almanac, we’re in for a colder than normal winter and that means you could freeze your buns if your furnace isn’t up to snuff. Colder weather means the furnace has to work overtime to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Best solution? Get your furnace checked out and tuned-up…

“My AC Unit is Sweating and so am I”

By cybrwzrd7 | July 5, 2016

My AC Unit is Sweating & So Am I Air Conditioning units don’t last forever and if yours is blowing hot air when it should be cooling, investigate your system by checking these five things. Your house may be as hot as Africa, but it may be a quick fix. Here are the things to…

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