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Upgrade Furnace with Stramowski Heating, Inc. in Oak Creek & Milwaukee, WI

How Do I Improve the Performance of My Furnace?

By cybrwzrd7 | August 29, 2018

  How Do I Improve the Performance of My Furnace?   When you’re updating your furnace and considering a replacement, there are a few extras you may want to include. Adding these furnace enhancements is like hot-rodding a car to help it perform even better. Since these furnace add-ons are seamlessly integrated into the installation…

Thermostat by Upgrade Furnace with Stramowski Heating, Inc. in Oak Creek & Milwaukee, WI

Choosing a thermostat

By cybrwzrd7 | July 31, 2018

It’s a fact that homeowners can never predict the cost of energy required to operate their home. One month it will be low and the next month it could go through the roof and cost a small fortune. But homeowners can work to control their energy use by turning off lights and lowering their thermostat…

Basement Light installation Stramowski Heating, Inc. in Oak Creek & Milwaukee, WI

That big box in the basement

By cybrwzrd7 | May 21, 2018

The first thing homeowners do when their heat goes off is call an HVAC technician to come and save them from the cold. Moments before the technician arrives to look at “that big box in the basement”, the homeowner says a silent prayer hoping that they won’t be forced to replace the furnace but instead…

Don't Roll Dice, Call HVAC Professionals you can trust. Stramowski Heating, Inc. in Oak Creek & Milwaukee, WI

Don’t roll the dice on your next furnace

By cybrwzrd7 | April 16, 2018

The furnace you were told six months ago it was on its last legs and ‘could die any minute’ has finally stopped working. You have to get it fixed … or else! How do you select the right furnace contractor to replace your home’s unit? Buying a new furnace or A/C is a big investment…

Blocked Air Conditioner

Signs of Choking AC Problem

By cybrwzrd7 | July 31, 2017

Signs of Choking AC Problem It’s very common for your air conditioner air flow to feel weak. This can be the very first sign of AC choking issues. It’s amazing how much junk can collect around the base of an outdoor air conditioning unit. Grass clippings, leaves, flowers – you name it – all seem…

Pool Under A/C

Is there a swimming pool forming under your A/C unit?

By cybrwzrd7 | July 13, 2017

Every so often you may see water pooling under your air conditioner&ellip; and thats ok. Small amounts of water collecting underneath your A/C unit are typical. You’re likely to see puddles when it is very warm outside and the unit is working hard to keep your home cool. BUT… if you see a larger ‘swimming…

Cool As Cucumber

Stay cool as a cucumber this summer…

By cybrwzrd7 | June 12, 2017

It’s easy to say that winter never leaves Wisconsin, but in reality there will be some hot days in store for us this summer. Though your air conditioning will keep your home cool, it can also run-up your electric bill during the warm months. Here are a few ideas for maximizing the impact of your…

Smart Thermostat

Smarter thermostats keep you more comfortable

By cybrwzrd7 | March 23, 2017

More and more people are turning down their home thermostats during the work day in order to save on their energy bill. The problem is that they often come home to a cold house in the winter and a hot house in the summer and have to adjust the temperature and wait until the furnace…

Time to line up your ducts!

By cybrwzrd7 | March 7, 2017

Part of maintaining your home’s heating and air conditioning system includes making sure your air ducts are clean. Over time they collect dust, dead bugs, animal hair, and even mold, which can all be detrimental to your home’s climate health. The EPA recommends you clean your ducts if you think there’s mold in them, you…

Working on Tablet

Technology helps lower HVAC repair costs

By cybrwzrd7 | January 24, 2017

When it comes to heating and air conditioning in the home, advancements in technology are helping to lower operation costs and the service calls on furnace and air conditioning units. Not only is new equipment becoming more efficient, but the servicing of older, existing equipment has gone high tech too! HVAC companies, like Stramowski, have…

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