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“Is there anything I, as a homeowner, can do to maintain or fix my AC?”

A common question that homeowners ask us is “How can I maintain or fix my AC on my own?”

Well, here are a few measures you can take as a homeowner to maintain and/or fix your home’s AC.


Measures you can take as a homeowner to maintain or fix your home’s AC


  • Replace thermostat batteries once a year with good, quality batteries 
  • Check/change your air filter regularly
    • 1″ air filters should be checked once a month and changed within 3 months. 
    • 4″ air filters should be checked 4 times a year (every season) and changed according. 
    • 4″ air filters should last 6-12 months but if dirty within that time may need to be changed more often or having your ducts properly cleaned may be your next step.
  • Rinsing your outdoor condenser if dirty between regular annual maintenance can be beneficial. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this contact a professional.
  • If your AC is not working check your circuit breaker and make sure it’s ON. Make sure the main power switch on your furnace is ON; if the power is OFF, your AC will not work.



Basic maintenance a homeowner can perform and check may save you an unnecessary service call. If these points check out good and your AC is still not operating contact a professional to further diagnose. AC units operate 220 Volts (twice as much as your standard home outlet) and can be very dangerous if not respected. Having your AC properly diagnosed and checked takes special equipment that requires training to make sure correct operation.

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