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My AC Unit is Sweating & So Am I

Air Conditioning units don’t last forever and if yours is blowing hot air when it should be cooling, investigate your system by checking these five things. Your house may be as hot as Africa, but it may be a quick fix. Here are the things to check:

  1. Your Thermostat: Check your thermostat. Is it set to “cool” rather than “heat?” Everyone has made this mistake at least once. It pays to check your thermostat settings, just to be sure.
  2. Outdoor AC Unit Issues: Is the fan turning when the air conditioner is on? Is it making any unusual noises? If it’s rattling loudly, that could be a sign that the fan bearings have worn out. You also may need to get a professional to clean your condenser, evaporator and fan. Thankfully, at Stramowski Heating & Cooling, we can send out one of our trained professional technicians to come to provide Outdoor AC Unit Repairs
  3. Your AC Unit Is Sweating On the Outside. This could be a sign that your air conditioner is “freezing”, which in turn could mean that your air conditioner is low on coolant. It doesn’t get used up when your air conditioner is running. That could mean it has been leaking coolant.
  4. Leaking water on the inside the AC unit (furnace) could indicate a clogged drain hose. Check the hose from any obstruction and try and clean it or even replace it.
  5. Just not cool enough? Clear plants and bushes near outside condenser unit so that air flow is good. Use your weed wacker or that machete you’ve had in the garage for 10 years and have never used. Clean or replace your furnace filter. And check out the foam insulation on the refrigerant line between your house and the outside unit. If it is worn, you’ll probably have to replace it.

Remember: The average life of an AC unit is just 12 years so yours could be broken or starting to break down. Plus the Federal government has changed the standards for which type of refrigerant gas can be used in AC systems and simply adding more gas may not fix the problem. Check out our Oak Creek & Milwaukee Area Central AC Replacement & Repair Service to fix the problem.

If your AC is still not blowing cool air, call us and share with us what you’ve done so far. We can help.

If you don’t have time or money to fix your broken AC unit, you can always make your own using this video.  This can provide a quick and easy fix to your AC sweating situation until our team of professionals can come to fix your sweating AC unit.

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