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How to take care of your new furnace

Take Care Furnace

The good news is, furnace care and maintenance is simple for homeowners. Stramowski professionals are happy to visit your home to service your heating and cooling equipment regularly. We’re also proud to offer our True24 commitment: 24-hour availability for emergency repairs.

But many furnace repairs are avoided with simple, regular maintenance. This is how to take care of your new furnace.

    4 tips to take care of your new furnace
  • Replace the furnace filter regularly

Quality furnace filters are a small furnace add-on with an outsized payoff. A quality air filter ensures your furnace is running smoothly and getting proper airflow. If too much dust and debris builds up, your furnace won’t operate efficiently. Blocked airflow means overworked equipment.

Check air filters monthly to ensure they aren’t becoming too dirty. Many manufacturers recommend changing air filters every 30-60 days during the winter season. It’s especially important to change the filters if you own pets or if members of your household suffer from allergies. Your Stramowski technician will recommend the frequency and process that’s best to take care of your new furnace.

  • Regularly clean off dust and dirt

Furnaces are often housed in basements, near laundry facilities, or in utility closets. It’s easy to forget about dusting them but keeping your furnace equipment clean and dust-free will improve performance and efficiency. A dirty furnace will waste energy and can even overheat and permanently damage your equipment.

Wiping the surface with a soft cloth (after ensuring the power is turned off) and using a vacuum attachment to clean the burners and small areas is often all that’s needed. Always wear protective eyewear and lay a sheet on the ground to protect the floor when you dust your furnace. Never use water to clean a furnace! This can cause rust and permanent damage. Again, your technician will recommend additional cleaning methods to take care of your new furnace and keep it working well.

  • Ensure the area around the furnace is clear

It may be tempting to store items in your furnace closet or pile boxes around your furnace in the basement, but don’t! Your furnace, ductwork, and vents need to be kept clear to run properly. Keep the area surrounding your furnace free of clutter. Nothing should rest on your furnace or be stored against the equipment.

A clear area around the furnace is needed for maintenance and repair access, but it’s also important for airflow. Furniture, rugs, and drapes should be kept away from vents for maximum and effective flow. Any object or household item blocking the vents (furniture, boxes, paperwork) is hazardous to the furnace.

  • Install a carbon monoxide and smoke detector

Keep proper safety equipment and detectors near your furnace. Most homeowners install a battery-operated smoke detector on each floor of their home, but a carbon monoxide detector is also important. Most detectors cost under $100.

Carbon monoxide detectors are especially important for homes with fuel burning equipment (running on gas or oil). Homes with fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and even attached garages should have carbon monoxide detectors installed as well. Although the instance of a leak is rare, they are deadly, so detection is important for the safety of your family.

Taking care of your new furnace is simple and easy. With regular maintenance, you’ll prolong the life of your equipment and ensure your new furnace continues to work efficiently for years to come. Ask your Stramowski installer for more information about caring for your new heating equipment; we’re happy to field any questions to help you protect your investment.

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