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Time to line up your ducts!

Part of maintaining your home’s heating and air conditioning system includes making sure your air ducts are clean. Over time they collect dust, dead bugs, animal hair, and even mold, which can all be detrimental to your home’s climate health.

clean ducksThe EPA recommends you clean your ducts if you think there’s mold in them, you notice vermin infestation in your home, or you actually see bugs or rodents entering your ductwork. Also, if you actually see dust exiting a vent, that’s a good reason to at least have your ducts inspected, if not cleaned. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association estimates people should get their ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

No matter what, if you see black debris around the outside of any air vent register, it indicates your system is soiled and it’s time to clean it. Contact a reputable duct cleaning service that has positive online reviews and is certified by the BBB. Don’t fall for the super cheap ad come-ons like “49 duct cleaning.” These scammers will get in your house with a cheap offer and then pour-on the extras.

So get your ducks in line and get your ducts cleaned. You’ll breath a lot easier!

Stramowski’s duct cleaning program features:

  • Your ducts cleaned AND sanitized
  • We use a duct cleaning system like no one else in our area
  • FREE duct cleaning with the replacement of a heating system
  • FREE system safety check and tune-up with duct cleaning is also available.

Want to learn more or schedule a duct cleaning? Contact Stramowski.

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