Are you prepared to beat the heat this summer?

By Stramowski | May 2, 2019
Beat The Heat

It’s no secret it’s been a long, cold winter. With snow (still) falling in April, you probably aren’t ready to crank the cool air yet. But believe it or not, summer will be here before you know it. It’s important to get an air conditioning tune-up to ensure your AC…

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Nip problems in the bud with spring furnace maintenance

By Stramowski | April 10, 2019
Nip Problems in the Bud

When the sun comes out and spring buds start to appear, memories of the long, cold winter start to fade. Before you turn off your furnace for the season, keep it healthy with routine spring furnace maintenance. Like many winters in the Midwest, this past winter was harsh. With the…

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It’s a complex business now

By Stramowski | February 21, 2019
HVAC Technology - Stramowski

Choose the smartest people. It seems like every year, the automobile industry introduces a new series of cars and trucks that is more technologically advanced. These improvements bring challenges for the backyard mechanic who wants to work on their car in their own garage. The complexity of new cars requires…

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Would you send a friend outside without a jacket?

By Stramowski | December 13, 2018
Freezing Friend 300x300

Snowfall in Wisconsin is inevitable. That’s why it’s important that you prepare your air conditioning unit now, before the snow starts to fly. You wouldn’t send a friend outside without a jacket, would you? Failure to cover your air conditioner can bring problems next summer when you need it the…

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Three ways to stay warmer!

By Stramowski | December 7, 2018
Stay Warmer

This Christmas, we’d like to make sure every one of our readers “stays warm” when the temperatures drop. Here are three drink recipes for holiday entertaining; two are with alcohol and the third without. Cheers to a happy holiday and a great new year! Hot Toddy 1 oz (2 tablespoons)…

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