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4 Things Homeowners Can Check to Prepare for Heating Season

A very common mistake most homeowners make is holding out to turn their heat on until it’s “absolutely necessary”. 


Waiting until temperatures drop to an uncomfortable level forcing you to turn your heat on and realizing there is an issue is generally what a lot of homeowners experience. Stramowski Heating has found that a lot of homeowners try to hold off on starting their heating equipment until the very last possible day. 


Waiting until the last possible minute can result in longer wait times when looking for a contractor to fix an issue. As a homeowner, you can avoid long wait times and be confident that your system is going to operate when you need it by turning your heating system on before the bitter cold. Having your system checked with a maintenance tune-up is also a good idea to identify any issues with your system and prevent maintenance that could be needed during the wintertime. 


We do realize that we can not get to everyone for regular annual maintenance before the temps start to drop however, there are a few things a homeowner can check before starting their equipment.


4 things a Homeowner can check before starting their heating system:


Check/change batteries in your thermostat

Check/change your air filter

-Making sure your venting outside is clear. High efficient equipment vent with PVC out of the side of your home. Bees & birds can create nests over summer that block venting causing your heat not to work.

-Checking the circuit breaker and the main power switch to your heating system. Main switches can easily get turned off causing your system not to run. Circuit breakers could have tripped during summer storms and have gone unnoticed. 


If you are unsure of the condition of your furnace do not wait. Don’t be caught in the cold. Contact us for a maintenance tune-up. We can evaluate your system and advise you on the condition of your heating unit.

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