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Boiler System Replacement

Stramowski Heating technicians who have been trained by the Stramowski family specialize in professional installations and service of water boilers. Call and ask to set up appointment with Brian Stramowski for your boiler replacement needs. Brian has 40+ years of experience with residential / light commercial boiler problems/issues.

We recently went on a job and installed an new boiler system. Some before and after pics are below:

Hot water boilers use hot water to transmit heat into your home. Hot water boilers heating can be as efficient or even more efficient than standard forced air systems. Since each system is unique and each home may have different heating styles it is always important to call an expert on hot water heating. Stramowski Heating has been properly piping and installing hot water boiler heating systems for over 35 years. Call us or contact us today to schedule a tune-up or fulfill your replacement needs.

Why Stramowski?

Stramowski Heating was founded in 1977 by Alvin and Elaine Stramowski. Your family is important to us and ensuring that they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer is our top priority! We take the worry out of any heating of A/C repair and make it easy to select a new heating or cooling system that best suits your family’s needs and comfort preferences. Our truck in your driveway is our commitment to creating extreme customer satisfaction.

Become An Advantage Plus Insider. It’s FREE!

When you become an Advantage Plus Insider, you no longer need to remember to call us to schedule your regular maintenance services. We will call to schedule your annual heating system or air conditioner tune-up when the time comes.

In addition, you will receive the best price of the season, since we will try to schedule your service before each annual rush.

*Some limitations may apply. May not be available for some applications. Valid for owner-occupied residential properties only.

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