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How your furnace is like an airline seat

How your furnace is like an airline seat

If you’ve ever traveled to a warm weather destination in the summer, you know that airline tickets are typically cheaper. Why? Because fewer people are traveling and there are more open seats to sell. The airlines price their seats accordingly to fill the plane.

The same thing goes for getting your furnace tune-up. The cost is often substantially less when the HVAC company have fewer people on their schedule.

So, what is the best month to save money on your furnace tune-up?

March, April and May. HVAC companies have less scheduled appointments in March, April and May. So, not only will your furnace tune-up cost you less during these months, but your tech will not be rushed to the next appointment. By the way… pay no attention to the myth that if your furnace is tuned-up in March, the tune-up doesn’t hold up until the Fall because it hasn’t been running. You are not losing any value in the furnace tune-up just because your furnace isn’t running. The timing of your furnace tune-up doesn’t matter to your furnace; what is key is to tune-up your furnace each year.

Also, did you know that Stramowski’s furnace tune-ups are guaranteed for 12 months? This means if your furnace begins to have problems within a year of your tune-up date, we will credit the cost of that tune-up toward any repair or replacement costs that may be needed. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and confidence that we stand behind our work! Check out our 19-point furnace tune-up checklist. Call or email us to schedule a tune-up.

Do the smart thing and save some money. Get your furnace tune-up in March, April or May.

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