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How to economically pinpoint home heating loss

Pinpoint Heating Loss

An interesting Christmas gift this year has helped a Stramowski customer pinpoint areas of his home that are leaking heat so he can address the issues of heat loss… especially important during our winter cold snaps! The gift was a Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Gun found on Amazon.

Using the $16 thermometer gun from the comfort of his livingroom chair, he was able to “shoot” the red laser beam at areas around the room and measure the temperature at precise points. The unit displays the temperature on a digital screen on the back of the gun so you can clearly see where you’re losing that precious heat… and giving you ideas on where to better weatherproof your home.

Pointing it at door frames of external doors will show you where the weather stripping may need to be replaced or where gaps in the seals need to be addressed. The same goes for windows… you’ll know which windows are leaking enough that they should be replaced.

8 Tips to Help You Lower Your Heating Costs

Here are 8 tips to further help you lower your heating costs this winter.

  1. Leave the bathroom door open.
  2. Turn down the water heater temperature.
  3. Stop heat from escaping.
  4. Install a programmable or ‘smart’ thermostat.
  5. Perform regular maintenance on your heating system.
  6. Look outside.
  7. Check for drafts.
  8. Keep windows covered.

For the complete write-up on each of the above tips and explanation on how they can help keep your heating costs low, visit our previous blog post “8 tips to ‘sock it’ to your heating bill this winter”.

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