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Keep the needles on the Christmas tree… not the floor.

Needles on Mini Trees

It’s no secret that winter makes the air dryer, impacting everything around us. Dry skin is probably first on the list but number two is most likely the family Christmas tree. There’s nothing worse than a fresh tree drying out a week before Christmas and the needles all falling off.

Here are some ideas to keep your tree and other holiday greens fresh so they last longer during this dry (holiday) season*.

  1. Freshness – Start with the freshest tree or greens possible. Greens you have purchased via mail order probably spent some time in a warehouse, so they may be older than what you can get locally (plus you can inspect purchased trees and greens if you purchase locally).
  2. Trim – Before you put your tree in your stand, trim off 1-2 inches from the trunk of your tree to make sure it isn’t clogged with resins.
  3. Rehydrate – Place your greens in water for an hour to rehydrate them before you do any decorating. Get your tree in water ASAP.
  4. Placement – Keep your greens and tree away from heating vents, radiators, fireplaces and any other source of ‘toasty’ air. Warm air will do a number on them quickly. Plus, never place a tree near the fireplace in the first place unless you want roasted reindeer for dinner. Any greens you place on the mantel of your fireplace should be in watertight containers, vases, urns, etc, to make sure they stay moist.

Hope these tips help you keep the needles on your tree this holiday season!

All of us at Stramowski HVAC with you a warm and dry (but not too dry) holiday season!

*Thanks to Rodale’s Organic Life for these great tips.

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