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No wonder your nose is all stopped up.

Every year around this time many people’s allergies start acting up and they end up M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. A stuffy nose is the least of it. Pressured, pounding sinuses, sneezing and scratchy throats are the worst and most people turn to OTC medications to provide relief from allergies. Many who suffer are discovering that improving their indoor air quality can make a huge difference in their ability to deal with allergies. Plus, they don’t have to take medications that make them drowsy or unable to safely drive or operate heavy machinery.

Breathe Easy

So what’s behind indoor air quality and how do you improve it?

There’s a lot of “stuff” floating around in the air around you that you can’t see, unless of course you have a microscope. Some of these particles or things are big – like dust mites, large pieces of dust and dander. From there, the size of the stuff gets smaller down to the particulate level that is literally microscopic. To fight allergies, you have to try and eliminate all sizes of allergens in the air inside your home.

Assuming you’ve already changed your furnace filters, start with a good cleaning of your HVAC systems ducts. At Stramowski, we use a superior “Roto-Brush” system that actually scrubs the inside of your ducts while a strong, industrial- grade vacuum sucks all of the large debris out of your home’s system. This is your first line of defense, and remember that your ducts may be caked with dust on the inside, so do something about it.

Next, consider a media air cleaner which takes your furnace filters up a level making them work harder to remove floating dust and other objects from your air. The third level is installing an ultra violet air purification system. This process uses ultra violet light to clean your air and remove particles. The fourth and final method is to install a Plasma System. Plasma systems, like the Vortex by Global Plasma Systems is a very small device attached to your furnace that electronically charges ions making them cling to microscopic particles in your air. As a result, the charged particulates can be captured in a filter and removed from the air stream. This provides the ultimate defense for allergy sufferers. Best yet, once installed, it rarely needs servicing and works around the clock to help you breath easier. Finally, Stramowski highly recommends that when going to bed, move your street clothes to another room other than your bedroom. Your clothing can harbor allergens and when you take off your clothes in the bedroom, they can shake lose and float around making for a miserable night’s sleep.

If you want to breath a little easier during allergy season, have Stramowski evaluate the air quality of your home and take steps towards removing unwanted allergens from your airspace. Your lungs will thank you.

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