It’s time – pull out a new furnace filter…

National change your furnace filter daySaturday Sept. 10th

National Change Your Furnace Filter Day!

Mark your calendar – The Saturday after Labor Day is National Change Your Furnace Filter Day!

As the warm weather of summer winds down and our thoughts turn to colder weather ahead, we all know we’ll be spending more time indoors with the heat progressively turned-up each day. This means you’ll be breathing re-circulated air throughout your home on a daily basis as your furnace works hard to keep you warm.

And just what’s in that air you’re breathing? Micro particles of junk, bacteria, dust, dander and other assorted junk that can impact your breathing and health. Take a look at the heating vents around your house – are the louvers caked with dust? Are family members more congested or sneezing? Those are tell tale signs your filter hasn’t been changed in quite a while. So, change your furnace filter and don’t put it off for another year or five.

Changing your filter is a simple thing to do, yet many people just don’t do it.

  1. First, find your furnace. It’s probably in the basement or at least a closet someplace. It looks like a 1950’s robot – a big metal box.
  2. Look near the bottom and you’ll see the filter, usually it’s standing vertical in your furnace. Often it’s made from cardboard but sometimes it can be a a filter that is cleanable – by rinsing it in the sink and letting it dry before re-installing. Most often, you’ll be throwing it away and getting a new one.
  3. Look for the SIZE of the filter – clearly marked on the edge. Otherwise, take the filter with you on your trip to the hardware store.
  4. You’ll have several choices of filters. Ask the clerk for his opinion as to which one will clean the best (especially people with allergies) and is cost-affordable.
  5. If this is too much of a hassle, then call Stramowski and they will come out and bring along the best filter for your furnace and can do a systems “tune-up” on it while they’re there. Remember, furnaces are big, expensive, scary metal boxes and it’s best to keep them properly maintained!

Better air quality, lower costs (because the furnace doesn’t have to work as hard) and a longer lasting system are all reasons to PULL OUT A NEW FILTER!!!!

If you don’t want to, just call us – we’ll come over and take care of it for you. Save $10 now when we change your filter and tune-up your furnace.

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