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The cutest kid’s Table at the Bar-B-Que

family cookoutIt was a warm 82 degrees outside – the perfect day for a family reunion cookout. The family had two grills fired-up outside in the backyard and the oven in the kitchen inside the house was heating two side dishes. It would be a day of great food, conversation and company, so they thought. Problem was it was hotter inside the house than it was outside because the recently installed air conditioner unit was not working.

The panicked homeowner called Stramowski knowing that they would come on a weekend in this “emergency” situation. Plus, Stramowski had just installed the new AC system two weeks prior. No matter what, the inside of the house was a sauna.

Once at the party, the Stramowski technician discovered the unit was not pumping cold air and its fan motor was revved-up as though it was about to explode. The problem? The homeowner had put a cute checkered tablecloth over the AC unit outside and set the little “table” for the kids to eat at. Bowls, glasses and table wear laid out beautifully for the kids to enjoy. Think about it, an AC unit is about the size of a card table and kids love to eat together – it only made sense. Stupid sense!

The moral of the story – never cover your AC unit with anything because it will prevent it from doing its job: keeping your house cool and comfortable.

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