Advantage Plus

The free heating and cooling maintenance program.

Our Committment

We don't just offer tune ups. We provide peace of mind.

We're not just interested in maintaining your heating system now. We are committed to the development of long term relationships with all of our customers.

All manufacturers require annual maintenance on their heating and cooling equipment.

To prove our commitment, we devoted staff just to maintain your account so that you are always in the know when it comes to your home heating system. When you enroll in the Advantage Plus preventative maintenance program a customer assurance representative will be with making sure you know when it's time for your annual maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner.

When you sign up for our free Advantage Plus you are an immediate priority.  A customer assurance representative will contact you to schedule your annual heating and cooling system tune up.  Plus, when you let us schedule your tune up when we have the availability, we'll be sure to include a nice discount! Plus, we guarantee our work for the entire season!

How & Why?

The reason we offer this fantastic service agreement for free is because we need to be able to schedule tune ups when we are able to perform them; like in our slow season. Technicians usually see some layoff time in our slower season and we would rather keep them working so we try our hardest to spread out our work througout the year.

Your heating system or cooling system doesn't care when it is tuned up. It just needs one. In exchange for letting Stramowski Heating perform your tune up when we are most available we offer a NO RISK guarantee. If you system breaks down for any reason within the same season that we performed that tune up, we will refund the total cost of the tune up in any repair or in the form of a credit back to you! We feel strongly about our cooling and heating tune ups. We know they are quality and we encourage you to try one out for yourself.

  • Why offer these benefits?
    Stramowski Heating feels that our customers are special. They're what keep us in business. In order to stay ahead of the trend on customer service, we need to offer something like no other.
  • What's in it for Stramowski?
    By offering the Milwaukee metro area a quality cooling or heating tune up we ensure our customer equipment that will last longer and run more efficient and much safer.

Member Advantages
  • Receive a call when your system is due for it's annual tune up.
  • Get the best price for the season on that tune up.
  • Never Pay an Overtime service fee.
  • Let us maintain your equipment history
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee