Some benefits:
  • Reduced Breakdowns
  • Maintains Equipment Efficiency
  • Ensures Safe Operation
  • Extends Equipment Life

Stramowski Heating has been performing heating tune ups on furnaces in the Milwaukee area since 1977.

When you need a tune up on your furnace call our office and have one of our qualified furnace tune up technicians out to your home to see for yourself!

When you have one of our tune up technicians out you can rest assured that your furnace is running safely and efficiently. We stand behind our work too!

We guarantee that if your funace has a breakdown after we've been out for one of our heating tune ups that we will refund you the total price of what you paid for the tune up in the cost of any repair!

Furnace manufacturers recommend annual tune ups on their heating systems. When you have a furnace tune up or a boiler tune up you help to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones, ensure efficient operation of your heating system, and gain peace of mind knowing that your furnace or boiler has been maintained and will be in working order when we get those cold nights.

Furnace Tune Up Checklist
  • Remove & Clean Burners
  • Remove & Clean Pilot Burner & Orifice
  • Test Hot Surface Igniter
  • Test All Safety Limits
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Adjust Gas Pressure
  • Clean Drain Trap
  • Remove and clean flue pipe
  • Disposable Rags
  • Clean Return Drop
  • Clean Blower Area & Filter Rack
  • Remove Blower Assembly When Necessary (i.e. visual heat exchanger inspection, to clean it, etc…)
  • Clear Out Pressure Switch Ports
  • Test Pressure Switch Terminals
  • Check and repair any loose terminals/wires
  • Record Amp Draw on blower and inducer assembly
  • Take total amp draw of the system at line connection and record
  • Take & Record Temperature Rise
  • Recommend media filter replacement if it is older than one year