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5 Benefits of Spring Air Duct Cleaning
  1. Better and reliable over-all performacne from your HVAC system
  2. Much better air flow and less over-all filter usage
  3. More energy efficiency, reducing your energy bills
  4. Lower likelyhood of respirtory and allergy problems
  5. Less dust makes it easier to clean and maintain your home's living space

Our Commitment

Stramowski Heating was founded in 1977 by Alvin and Elaine Stramowski. Your family is important to us and ensuring that they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer is our top priority!

Stramowski Heating takes the worry out of any heating or A/C repair and we make it easy to select a new heating and cooling system that best suits your family's needs and comfort preferences. Our commitment is to provide professional repair service, exceptional precision tune ups and quality installations - making Stramowski Heating one of the best in the heating and cooling industry.

Time for a Tune Up

Furnace and boiler manufacturers recommend a yearly heating tune up on a system in order to ensure proper operation which will help maintain the unit's efficiency and extend its life.

When you have your furnace or boiler tuned up you help to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones, ensure efficient operation of your home's heating system, and gain peace of mind knowing that your heating system has been maintained and will be in good working order when we get those cold winter days!