Need new HVAC Equipment?

Why invest in a new furnace?
  • Furnace is over 12 years old
  • More efficient.
  • Excellent Warranties
  • Reliability

Why invest in a new a/c?
  • A/C is over 15 years old
  • Want more efficiency.
  • Newer refrigerant.
  • Reliability

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Find out about Indoor Air Quality

You need clean air...

We offer a variety of air filtration systems including media air filters by Honeywell.
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Does your home have dry air?

The air in your home may be too dry. We have the cure for dry air.
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UV Air Purifiers

Would you like purified air?

Air in your home is often times much more polluted than outdoor air.
Stramowski Heating can install a UV air purifier on your next tune up.
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